The Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit contains everything you need for the creation of a permanent hand poked tattoo. Here's a guide with the steps you must follow to make a hand poked tattoo safely. We strongly encourage you to read them as many times as needed before you start poking and to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Before you start to poke, read all warnings.

2. Choose a body part where you want get your tattoo. The selected area mustn't be near a mucous membrane.

3. Get an empty can or bottle, or optionally, you can purchase our tattoo needle disposal. You will need it later to place the used needle in it for safe transport to your local sharps disposal facility (ask pharmacies and hospitals).

4. Create a flat and clean area where you can place the disposable protection sheet cloth. You will place all the needed tools on top of this sheet.

5. Open the Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit and take out all the content. Open the wrapped content.

6. Lay out medical covering in the area created in step 4, and place materials (ink bottle, ink cup, tongue depressor, hustle butter, needles, grips, wipe, bandaid, pads, lubricant and the stencil design) on this clean surface. Place the opened box somewhere on your reach, so you can throw the garbage without touching the box.

7. Prepare stencil. This step is optional.

8. Before you get hands on, wash the selected body part and your hands vigorously with antibacterial soap.

9. Put on the powder free nitrile gloves. Eye protection is also recommended.

10. Open the Hustle Butter and the ink cup, put a tiny amount of hustle butter on the bottom of the cup, glue the cup to the the tongue depressor, and place the tongue depressor on the medical covering. This will prevent the cup from falling.

11. Shake the ink bottle and squeeze the ink provided. Fill to the top, place the bottle aside and don't touch it again during the process to prevent cross-contamination. The ink in the cup should be more than enough to complete a small stick and poke tattoo.

12. Shave the area with the razor if there is some hair. Once you are done, re-shield the razor blade and throw it inside the box. The used razor blade is a biohazard contaminant.

13. Sterilize the skin around the area meant for the tattoo with one of the two alcohol prep pads provided. Once you are done, throw the used pad and wrapping inside the box.

14. (If using stencil) Rub a small amount of stencil transfer lubricant on the skin, spread this around until skin is damp, but not wet (wet areas will make the stencil ink run). Place the stencil on the skin and press firmly for a minute. Remove the stencil and allow area to dry for 8 minutes. This will keep the stencil ink on the skin for longer.

15. Take the needle out of the package and wrap the grip to it.

16. Rub a small amount of Hustle Butter on the skin, and spread this around the skin. This will keep the skin moist, making it easier to take the ink, and will allow you to wipe the ink spill without it staining the skin.

17. Dip the tip of the needle into the ink without touching the cup. A little bit of the tattoo ink should remain on needle.

18. Poke the skin slowly, with just the amount of pressure enough to puncture the epidermis only (the thin top layer of the skin as shown in the photo below), but not enough to get through the whole skin (the epidermis usually measures 0.2-1.5mm, depending on skin thickness). Start light. You will feel a little bit of resistance and then a slight tug as you withdraw the needle. Ink will not deposit if you go too light, and too deep will cause scarring, raised tattoos and ink to spread. There should not be much blood.

Tattoo Process

Photo credit: Tumblr HowStuffWorks

19. Clean the body area with a wipe as needed to clear the ink and to see the stencil. Don't forget to dab on some Hustle Butter to prevent the ink from spreading each time you wipe. A dot of ink should remain where you poked within the skin.

20. Repeat steps 17 to 19 until a small tattoo is formed. And remember not to touch anything else with your dirty gloved hands during this process.

21. Clean the tattoo with the alcohol wipe, put on some Hustle Butter and then cover the tattoo with the sterile bandaid.

22. Put the needle inside the needle disposal, or if you don't have one, inside a plastic bottle or aluminum can without touching it with the gloves, for safe transport to your local sharps disposal facility. You can ask in local pharmacies and/or hospitals for one.

23. Collect all soiled items and throw them inside the box. Remove gloves by pinching the wrist area on one glove - pull to turn it inside out half way. Then with clean side half exposed, pinch the other wrist and pull until both gloves are inside-out in a bundle. Add to the box.

24. Close the brown box and seal it with the “Biohazard” sticker included and throw it into the trash. Wash hands with vigor and clean the surfaces in the area with a bleach-water solution.

25. Read the aftercare recommendations.

Note: The single kit is for one time use. Discard kit contents after use (except the ink inside the bottle).

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